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Please fill out this form as a starting point to determine if our services meet your needs and expectations.  Not all clients will be able to participate in the Metabolic Reset Program due to the nature of their current illnesses or for other reasons.  We do not accept insurance.  

When your form is received and reviewed, you will be contacted to either set up an appointment for further discussion or to let you know that you are ineligible for these services, but may qualify for others.

Pre-Discovery Call Questionaire
Are you under18 years old?
Do you have Type 1 diabetes?
Do you have Type 2 diabetes and use insulin
Do you have Type 2 diabetes and take oral medication for it?
Do you have gout?
Do you have active cancer?
Have you had gastric bypass type surgery or had your gall bladder removed?
Do you have serious kidney or liver disease?
Do you have a history of cardiovascular events--heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, bypass, stent
Are you pregnant, planning to get pregnant or lactating?
Are you on medication for high blood pressure?
Are you opposed to or unwilling to do intermittent fasting?
Are you opposed to or unable to follow a strict dietary regimen and track your progress?
Do you have access to and are able to utilize online computer resources?
Are you willing to invest in your health with cash or credit (no insurance accepted)?

Thanks for your submission We'll get back to you soon.

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